Janet Gervers, presents” “How to Unlock the Keys to Your Website Success”

JAGmedia Gold Hour-12-13-23 Janet Gervers, Presenter

You’re Invited to Learn & Network:
December 13th, 2023, 4:00 PM PST

How to Unlock the Keys to Your Website Success

Complimentary Workshop: Wednesday, December 13, 2023, 4-5pm PST, Live on Zoom
Special Guest: Janet Gervers, JAGmedia

Hosted by: Janet Gervers, JAGmedia

Janet Gervers,  Founder and Creative Director of JAGmedia in Santa Monica will present, “How to Unlock the Keys to Your Website Success”, in a live online event, JAGmedia GOLD Hour, on December 13th, 2023 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. PST the event is complimentary. Registration is required. 

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Janet’s started designing websites in 1995 and loves sharing her knowledge with others to help them  gain success with their existing website or future website. She will unlock the essential five keys for you, that every website needs along with other useful tips from her website “toolbox”. 

Whether you’ve had a website for a long time, recently launched a website or don’t have a website yet, the  presentation will be applicable to all of those scenarios. 

You are invited to join the complimentary event. Besides the presentation there is also networking and the beginning of the event with entrepreneurs from across the US, Canada and UK. 

JAGmedia GOLD Hour Is a monthly live event on Zoom at takes place typically on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. In December it’s moved up one week due to the holiday. events combined networking and learning from industry leaders across the globe. 

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Workshop: Attract Your  Ideal Clients with Website Messaging

Workshop: Attract Your Ideal Clients with Website Messaging

You’re Invited to Learn & Network:
Free Workshop on August 17, 4pm

Attract Ideal Clients with Website Messaging

Free Workshop: Wednesday, August 17, 4-5pm PST
Special Guest: Linda Rhoads, Coach, The Soul Spot

Hosted by: Janet Gervers, JAGmedia live on Zoom

If you’re curious how to craft your website text and / or social media profile text, join this free workshop with Special Guest, Linda Rhoads, Coach from The Soul Spot, will show us a unique method on how to create a framework for content based on our strengths. Even if you already have a website and social profile(s) this will be a refresher plus improve upon your existing text.

Learn & Network with business owners from coast to coast in Janet’s  monthly Zoomcast.

Free Monthly Workshops from JAGmedia

Free Monthly Workshops from JAGmedia

Free Monthly Workshops JAGmedia.net/events

  Free Monthly Workshops from JAGmedia

Workshop Topics: Website Design, Website Messaging, Social Media,  Power of Visuals

Janet Gervers, Creative Director  of JAGmedia is offering a free workshop series starting in June, 2022. The online workshops are  educational and interactive. They will provide a way to learn about topics range from website design, social media, SEO,  how to’s and more. It’s an opportunity to Learn & Network live in an online Zoom.

The first free workshop started on June 9, on how to use visuals for goal setting and creating your vision for your year – an intro to vision boards. Special Guest, Michelle Teague, from A Teague of Your Own,  talked about how to set concrete goals.

During the month of July, Janet will be busy planning future workshops, so make sure to check back for the next date.  Workshops will feature a Special Guest. If you’re interested in being a Special Guest, schedule a call with Janet to discuss it  – or if you have an idea for a topic you want Janet to cover.


Vision Board Workshop – Create Your Vision for Your Year

Vision Board Workshop – Create Your Vision for Your Year


Vision Board Workshop

Besides being a Website Designer, I also use my Creative Superpowers to lead empowering workshops. In this case it’s my Vision Board Workshop on Wednesday, January 26 at 11am-12:30pm PST in a live Zoom.
Advance Registration is required.

Create Your Vision, my Vision Board Workshop empowers you to:
Gain Clarity on Your Year
Crystallize Your Vision for 2022
Feel at Peace + Ease
Create Your 2022 Blueprint
Discover Goals You Didn’t Even Know You Have

Using the most effective way- Visuals! (proven by research*)


Manifest your dreams and goals in my live Vision Board workshop on Zoom.

I’ve lead the workshop for the past 5 years and love seeing my participants inspired and empowered to live their best year. I’ve seen smiling faces and tears of joy and happiness, when someone  realized they needed to take the time to uncover desires they didn’t know about or had put on the back burner of life… The workshop covers all areas of life including career, relationships, wellness (self-care) and money.


Advance RSVP Required to Secure Your Spot.
ENDS Tuesday, 1/25, 6pm.

Say YES to Investing in YOURSELF. 

Vision Board Workshop:
Create Your Vision 

JANUARY 26, 2022 Wednesday, 11am PST
Live Guided Vision Board Workshop, 90 minutes on Zoom
Investment:  $157 Instead of $197

Savings END Tuesday, 1/25/22, 6pm

“Loved the vision board workshop. It was so helpful with finally getting my vision board done and up on my wall where I see it every day. Since It was created I feel it has helped me to manifest my main goals more easily. Thanks!”  Amy Graves, 2021

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How are Vision Boards Created?

Vision Boards are created typically by cutting out from magazines, photos, etc or printed out and placed on a poster board.

It can also be done digitally, with an app of your choosing.

A selection of images will be available for registered workshop participants to download and use for their vision boards.

After registration, you will receive the Zoom code and workshop details, including a download link for images.

Find out what DREAM Janet Manifested 

See my previous article about a life long dream I manifested through my vision board.
Read My Article >

The Research Behind Visual Methodolgy

*Visualization works from a human perspective because we respond to and process visual data better than any other type of data.
In fact, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. 
Source: Article Title: Humans Process Visual Data Better Published on September 15, 2014 Harris Eisenberg, Executive Vice President
Thermopylae Sciences and Technology, Arlington, Virginia

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Sharpen Your Business Focus Through Discovery

Sharpen Your Business Focus Through Discovery

Sharpen Your Business Focus

Original Article Published in: DM Center by Author: Jan Carroza

  • Craft Your Mission, Vision & Business Plan

  • Improve Clarity on Client Projects

  • Kickstart  ​Search Engine Optimization 

Answers to this selection of 200 questions help startups craft mission, vision and value statements, business plans and executive summaries, write tag lines and even carve out cornerstones, such as naming an entity, its products, services or web domain. Stakeholders delve through strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), extracting and shaping concepts that provide perspective of the future.

Both nonprofits and companies benefit from an exercise to explore their essence. It isn’t necessary to answer all the questions. Supporters, investors, partners, employees all have many questions of your organization. Fund-seekers must perform thorough soul-searching to present a concrete case with confidence. For all concerned, the deeper the dive, the more beneficial the process. Skip over those that don’t apply or can’t answer yet. Nonprofits should swap the word customer with donor.

This in-depth process also kickstarts keyword research necessary for search engine optimization of web site pages. Subsequently, this homework is useful for all further sales and marketing materials.

Download “Discovery Questions” to coalesce your priorities and create the most focused plan.

Original Article Published in: DM Center by Author: Jan Carroza
Original Article: https://dmcenter.com/sharpen-business-focus-discovery/ 


“Five Keys to Your Website Success” on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 Presented by Janet Gervers, JAGmedia

“Five Keys to Your Website Success” on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 Presented by Janet Gervers, JAGmedia

Janet Gervers, Founder of JAGmedia in Santa Monica, CA presents the “Five Keys to Your Website Success” on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 at 12 noon. The presentation is for the South Bay Chapter of WIN Networking, a Los Angeles networking group. The meeting is a live event online and all are invited to attend.

Learn from Janet Gervers, Website Designer & Digital Media Specialist for over 25 years while she shares from her wealth of experience designing for companies both large and small and unlocks the keys to your 24/7 online presence.

  •  Making your Website Magnetic

  •  Increasing your Website Visibility

  •  ​Valuable Search Engine Optimization Tips

Janet has been designing websites for the greater part of her career which started in graphic design with a degree from the University of Cincinnati. After moving to San Francisco in 1994 she jumped into designing websites and digital media shortly thereafter and has never looked back. 

While residing in San Francisco for three short years, Janet worked for a tech/creative startup company, plus UPN TV station, and was also a freelance designer. She designed projects for Starbucks, in fact their first e-commerce website, graphics for Bank of America, KCET TV San Francisco and many more companies both large and small. 

Her next was move to Pasadena following an offer from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to work as a Multimedia Designer. Eventually, it led to her move to Los Angeles, where she resided in Venice and started her design studio, JAGmedia offering website design, digital graphics and branding services.

Learning more and educating others has always been important to Janet.

In the presentation, the “Five Keys to Your Website Success”,  Janet will educate those in attendance by distilling a vast amount of knowledge into five simple keys that need to be implemented in any website. 

Learn about the foundational structure that’s essential for every website.

JAGmedia is currently  located in Santa Monica and continues to offer Design Services in addition to workshops and trainings. Learn more here. 


Website Hosting: 3 Ways JAGmedia Can Help You

Website Hosting: 3 Ways JAGmedia Can Help You

• Website Hosting is only Juicy when this Happens

•  What Flavor of Website Hosting is for you?

JAGmedia Web Hosting Promo Code

Website Hosting is not as sexy or eye-opening as the Grammys were a few nights ago. But it sure gets juicy when you hear about the high-profile company’s website going down – then no one can see it. While the Grammys reside on a specialized stage and location, websites have to reside on a specialized computer server setup, which is where website hosting comes into play.

During the 25 years that I have created websites I have seen it all when it comes to web hosting! I’ve rescued clients when they forgot to renew their domain name, their website files got wiped out and from web hosting tech support where the support person was just plain out of it. I’m here to tell you there is an easier way and this is how I help people. 

I’ve been hosting websites for over 10 years and it’s really satisfying to know that I can help my clients by setting them up the right flavor of web hosting that works best for their website, purchasing domain names (website address ex. https://jagmedia.net/ ) consulting and more. The  website hosting I offer is set up for making a purchase 24/7, whether or not I design their website for a client.

JAGmedia clients prefer the option of consulting with me to find out what the optimal setup is for their unique business.

That way, I will advise and set up an account for my client with the most strategic solution that works for their business. without extra fluff!  When you’re a client of JAGmedia, you have your own account  with 24/7 access, plus 24/7 tech support based in the US.  It’s important to me that my clients needs taken care of when they need it.

Additionally, clients have confidence in knowing that I’m an Authorized Reseller for the largest hosting company in the world.

These are three ways I can help you:

1- Setup Your Free Account & Shop the JAGmedia website hosting product line. Place Your Order 24/7  https://shop.jagmedia.net

2- Schedule a 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation to discuss your website hosting needs: https://calendly.com/jagmedia

3- Exclusive 10% off  Promo Code from JAGmedia for web hosting orders $100+  PROMO CODE: jag2021 (apply at checkout)

Vision Board Workshops – Create Your  Powerful Vision for Your New Year

Vision Board Workshops – Create Your Powerful Vision for Your New Year

Start making your dreams a reality! Crafting Your Vision Board is a creative way to paint the broad brush strokes of your upcoming year. Vision Board Workshops Start Tuesday, December 8 at 11am, a live online experience, led by Janet Gervers, Owner of JAGmedia Design Studio.

You’re invited to join the party to get your New Year started powerfully and positively!

You know how this year didn’t happen the way  most of us thought it would?  Looking back at my  two  vision boards, I see that some of my goals were reached, while others are still in process. I’ll share a big one with you in a moment. But first, crafting a Vision Board is a creative way to paint the broad brush strokes of your upcoming year.

Speaking of brush strokes, it leads to one of my  goals – ART – for my art career to flourish, something I’ve been working on steadily since 2014. Both of my vision boards have art integrated in it, a photo of an artist’s studio in one and an artist’s palette in the other vision board.

What happened was that I was INVITED to exhibit in the LOS ANGELES ART SHOW 2020, which is – WOW, a huge honor. I had 3 of my paintings in the BG Gallery booth; that’s a gallery in Santa Monica, where my art was selected by a jury to be in a show the previous year.

The LA Art Show (the short name for it) was a dream come true for me! Previously, it was one of those things that seemed like it was in the distant, I mean way distant future. Then it happened unexpectedly around this time last year that  I received the invite. I had to create completely new paintings for the show on round canvases, which is not a typical thing or easy to find.  I  bought the canvases in mid-January, got painting and took it to the gallery before the end of the month. The show was in February at the LA Convention Center and it was one live event that did happen this year and I’m grateful to have been part of it.

What I can tell you about crafting your vision board is that it is an ongoing process, that jump starts the brain into  big picture dreams and goals– yes, I said it, the G word goals, your goals and sets it all in motion. It’s establishing your vision with clarity and  helps you to startyour deeper dive into getting more specific with your goals!

If you are ready to explore the possibilities and start crafting your vision for the new year, I’m here to guide you along the way! The first workshop is Tuesday, December 8, 2020 from 11am-12:30 pm, Pacific Time.

If you want to take that step forward, see the  button below to learn more and register. Why wait, let’s get this party started!

Vision Board Workshop Starts Dec 8 JAGmedia