Sharpen Your Business Focus

Original Article Published in: DM Center by Author: Jan Carroza

  • Craft Your Mission, Vision & Business Plan

  • Improve Clarity on Client Projects

  • Kickstart  ​Search Engine Optimization 

Answers to this selection of 200 questions help startups craft mission, vision and value statements, business plans and executive summaries, write tag lines and even carve out cornerstones, such as naming an entity, its products, services or web domain. Stakeholders delve through strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), extracting and shaping concepts that provide perspective of the future.

Both nonprofits and companies benefit from an exercise to explore their essence. It isn’t necessary to answer all the questions. Supporters, investors, partners, employees all have many questions of your organization. Fund-seekers must perform thorough soul-searching to present a concrete case with confidence. For all concerned, the deeper the dive, the more beneficial the process. Skip over those that don’t apply or can’t answer yet. Nonprofits should swap the word customer with donor.

This in-depth process also kickstarts keyword research necessary for search engine optimization of web site pages. Subsequently, this homework is useful for all further sales and marketing materials.

Download “Discovery Questions” to coalesce your priorities and create the most focused plan.

Original Article Published in: DM Center by Author: Jan Carroza
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