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JAGmedia Gold Hour-Jim Britt, Cracking the Rich Code-051723

JAGmedia GOLD Hour:
May 17, 2023 Wednesday, 4-5pm PST

Cracking the Rich Code

Complimentary Event
Presented by: Janet Gervers, JAGmedia
Speaker: Jim Britt, Jim Britt International, Inc.

Product-Vision Board Workshop JAGmedia

Vision Board Workshop:
June 21, 2023 11am PST, Wednesday

Special Event
Refresh, Renew, Revive

Imagine the possibilities of discovering and uncovering new dreams, desires and goals when you create your Vision Board.

 In this Event, You Will Learn to:

  • Master the money game
  • Training the subconscious mind to listen
  • Daily empowering messages
  • Create a new paradigm and program regarding earning money
  •  Letting go of outdated money programs and reprogramming
Jim Britt, #1 best-selling author and world’s top 20 success coach, has created a powerful series that will eliminate your subconscious money blocks and reprogram your subconscious to create wealth.
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 In the Workshop, You Will Learn to:

  • Gain Clarity on your goals
  • Instant Focus on your goals & priorities
  • Reduce Stress  & feel at peace about what’s next for you
  • Unleash the Power of Visuals to  create your next chapter
  • Gain confidence & have fun in a supportive environment
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JAGmedia Event Schedule:
Upcoming Events & Workshops

JAGmedia Gold Hour:

May 17: Jim Britt, Cracking The Rich Code 

June 21: Special Event- See Below

July: Vacation Month: No event

August 16: Pam Weiser, How to Boost Productivity & Profits

Special Events:
Vision Board Workshops:

June 21, 11am PST: Refresh, Renew, Revive Your  Year

October 18,  11am PST: Finish Your Year Strong

Learn More about Creating Your Vision  >

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JAG Media Gold Hour

Learn & Network in a Complimentary Live Zoom Event on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 4-5pm PST presentd by Janet Gervers, Creative Director of JAGmedia for Learning & Gaining Visibility for Your Business.

The live online events are educational, interactive and include networking. They will provide knowledge on topics ranging from website design, social media, search engine optimization,  self growth, business growth and more.

The first complimentary monthly event started on June 9,  How to Use Visuals for Goal Setting and Creating Your Vision for Your Year – an intro to vision boards. Special Guest, Michelle Teague, from A Teague of Your Own,  talked about how to set concrete goals.

Events will feature a Guest Speaker. If you’re interested in being a Guest Speaker, have an idea for a topic you want to learn abut, schedule a call with Janet to discuss the possibilities.

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