About Janet A. Gervers, Founder of JAGmedia

Jagmedia is a digital creative studio in Culver City, CA, Creative Director is Janet Gervers.

 Jagmedia is my digital creative studio providing branding, website graphics, online learning and search engine optimization services. I’m Janet Gervers, Creative Director & Founder of Jagmedia, located in The Colorado Center (formerly The Yahoo Center) in Santa Monica, CA.

I’m one of the original Silicon Valley Website Designers, that means I have in-depth experience in online media. After moving to San Francisco in 94′ from Cincinnati, I jumped into website design and interactive multimedia and have been responsible for creating numerous projects from Starbucks first shopping cart website, websites and interactive projects for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA, in addition to working with the team  at Saatchi & Saatchi on the Toyota Prius website launch.

Even more web and print design projects were created for: DIRECTV, MGM, Los Angeles Community College District, Salvation Army and Venice Chamber of Commerce.

Janet is a graduate of the School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati  with a BS in Graphic Design.

Experience, Quality, Innovation and Talent are all part of the toolkit at JAGmedia.


I put all the pieces of the puzzle together for an existing brand that’s in need of cohesiveness and pizazz! Creating an entirely new brand from scratch, reflecting  your vision in an instantly recognizable and elevated way is what I can do for YOU! Let’s schedule a call.

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Transforming Ideas into Reality

Whether it’s Design or Coaching, it’s a process of taking  “raw materials” and creating a new reality. Design is  so more than creating something pretty! I’m an experienced Designer that has given GUIDANCE to a wide array of clients over the years with Branding & Design!

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Design Coaching

Janet Gervers is YOUR Website Coach, guiding you on the path to the Website of YOUR Dreams and Elevated Design  The content and focus of your website is critical, in addition to  a well styled, recognizable brand. I’ll steer you in the right direction!

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