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Janet Gervers, Founder & Creative Director at JAGmedia.

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Covid-19 Website Relief from JAGmedia

Covid-19 Website Relief from JAGmedia

If you need a website during the “new normal” I have options for you. This Website Builder from my Web Hosting portal is one that I put to the test first, to make sure it’s a beneficial solution for YOU!When it comes to website design, my clients want and deserve the best, however affordability is key, which is why I offer a budget website option, for a beautiful, mobile responsive website that’s easy to edit and a great value!

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Web Hosting Woes Alleviated

Web Hosting Woes Alleviated

When it comes to web hosting, most people get confused really easily, since  there’s so many different flavors of it and different products these days. That, along with companies that upsell things that you don’t need,  those that outsource to foreign countries and companies that are just plain unreliable and/or unresponsive.
That’s where I come  in, I’m Janet Gervers, Founder of Jagmedia and your web hosting guide. I have years of experience  with web hosting and know the right combination of website hosting ingredients based on your needs,

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JAGmedia Creative Studio Profile

JAGmedia’s multi-faceted President, Janet A Gervers is a creative designer, artist and writer. Her experience in the digital media field spans twenty years.

Working with an experienced designer that guides your business every step of the way and elevating your visual image when you hire Jagmedia for your project.

See the Testimonials and contact Janet to start a discussion on how your needs can best be served, whether it’s for creating your online presence, digital graphics or print projects. Content Marketing attracting the coveted Millenial market is available too.

Art Services are available to beautify your environment with Janet’s original art.

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