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If you’re ashamed of your current website, hate your website or your business has shifted and  your website doesn’t  accurately present  you to the world, then it’s time for a change.

You need to have a powerful website in order to draw people to you or your business. 

If you’re a Coach, Author, Speaker, then being able to talk to people is the most important thing.  After that, the most important things for anyone in business is this:

The most important thing for anyone in business is to have a website.

When you have a professional and polished website:

People are automatically going to trust you and and want to work with you. You know that you can attract your ideal client and they will get to know about you and the unique service offerings you provide. 

 A website gives you built in credibility.

Your website is a place you go to like when you go to a doctor’s office and they have those diplomas and certificates. On a website, testimonials are  your credentials that  your potential clients see.

That’s another reason why your website is so important is the Testimonials or Reviews  page is really very remarkable and very valuable for any business.

Your website helps you to draw attention, gain confidence, credibility and trust in your business.  I’m Janet Gervers, Owner of JAGmedia and Design is my Super Power. I love using my Design Super Power to Empower Women in Business.  When we work together, you will have a professional, polished site that stands out from the sea of competition, that looks uniqely like you.

Your website is your 24-7 global marketing presence.

When we work together, think of me as part of your team, where I’ll  guide you throughout the entire process, what to focus on and when – with my experience, expertise and genuine care.

When you Elevate Your Website Your Business Flourishes.

The Website of Your Dreams is a Step Away

Fulfilling the Dreams of Women Business Owners that Desire an Elevated Online Presence that Helps Your Business Flourish.

Your business growth and success is the key focus at JAGmedia. Combining professional expertise in Website Design, Graphic Design and Branding with 30 years of experience to uplevel your business.

Focusing on establishing a long term relationship serves your business on a deeper level. If we’re working together, I’m your trusted partner in your business, committed to your business growth and success!

Leveraging expertise with clients in multiple industries  is a benefit to your business, whether you’re a Coaching Professional, Speaker, Author or all  of the above.   Clients consider me  as their trusted team member and great results take place.

The process starts by discussing your long term and short term goals and co-creating strategic solutions. My design and business experience is an asset where you’ll know your needs as a business owner are understood. I care about your results.

If you’ve ever felt like you hate your website or are ashamed of your website, or your current site doesn’t fit where your business has shifted, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s discuss your goals and vision and where you want the Website of Your Dreams to take you.

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Vision Board Workshop

Create Your Best Year  Ever! The Vision Board workshop is a live workshop where you create your powerful vision for your year and next chapter in your life.  Experience transformation to take your life to the next level. Gain Clarity, Instant Focus and Stres Reduction.

Achieve Your Vision Program

After You Create your Vision, the next step is to Achieve Your Vision. Join a Circle of Support designed for your achievement.

Client Raves

Jagmedia Client-Laurie Hacking Business Coach
MIssy Gibson, Client of lAGmedia
Katherine Macey, Client of JAGmedia

Janet’s work on my website has been superb! She not only listens closely to what I ask her to do, but also makes creative recommendations on how the design and application can be better optimized, which has been hugely helpful. Talk with Janet if you’re wanting a positive, collaborative design experience.

Laurie Hacking
Step Into More
Business Coach & Author
Los Angeles, CA

Janet instilled unique confidence and know-how and presented the process in a concise and non-intimidating way…
We became fast friends and I felt like she genuinely cared about me and the project as much as I did… maybe more.

This goes back to Janet really caring about her clients…

Missy Gibson
Personal Stylist
Los Angeles, CA

“Janet recently re-did our website  that was more than 6 years old and showing it! Her design is clean, sleek, and fresh. She was responsive, thorough and helped push the project to completion quickly.”

Katherine Macey
Organize to Excel
Professional Organizer
Los Angeles, CA

Janet Gervers from JAGmedia has worked with these companies.


Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Speakers and Authors are professionals that have benefitted from JAGmedia’s Creative Services.  Offering a full spectrum of creative from websites to print, including logos, social media graphics, email newsletter design, etc. 


JAGmedia offers website design and digital graphics for Professional Organizers. Need your entire Brand developed from online to print with an integrated approach? That’s where JAGmedia comes in to uplevel your online presence!  Let’s discuss your goals and vision and make it a reality.


If you’re an Accountant  or Book Keeping Professional with a desire for your online presence to stand out from the crowd, you’re in the right place.  Design is aligned on all channnels from web to social media pages and YouTube. You’re invited to schedule a Complimentary consultation.

Your Dream Website

The Website of Your Dreams is just a step away, with the expertise, creativity and guidance that I offer at JAGmedia, with 25 years in the industry creating hundreds of websites. Want the Website of your Dreams?  Find out more.

Dreams Come True

You're the Star

Whether it’s a  makeover or creating  your new look, JAGmedia’s unparalleled talent and experience elevates your online presence by shining the spotlight on your company with a consistent look rom web to print. Ready to stand out?

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Relief from Tech

I relieve the stress and complexities of website hosting in order for your website to have an optimal setup. Options are available for Hosting, Domain Names, Business Email, SSL (security) essentials  for your business.

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