Janet Gervers from JAGmedia has worked with these companies.

Business & Life Coaches

Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Speaking Coaches, Author/Coach are Professionals that have benefited from JAGmedia’s Creative Services, for web, print and digital graphics. 

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Health & Wellness

JAGmedia creates websites & digital graphics for Health & Wellness Professionals,  Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Counselors, Psychologists, Dentists, etc. in Health & Wellness.

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Web Hosting Woes Alleviated

Web Hosting Woes Alleviated

When it comes to web hosting, most people get confused really easily, since  there’s so many different flavors of it and different products these days. That, along with companies that upsell things that you don’t need,  those that outsource to foreign countries and companies that are just plain unreliable and/or unresponsive.
That’s where I come  in, I’m Janet Gervers, Founder of Jagmedia and your web hosting guide. I have years of experience  with web hosting and know the right combination of website hosting ingredients based on your needs,

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Website Design

The Website of Your Dreams is just a step away, with the expertise, creativity and guidance that I offer at JAGmedia. Working with a variety of businesses using the JAG 5 Formula.

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Web Hosting

Month by Month Affordable Options for Reliable Website Hosting & Design, Domain Names, SSL, Servers and all the essential components for websites and tech.

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Whether it’s a brand makeover or creating  your new brand, JAGmedia’s unparalleled talent and experience brings focus to your Brand and shines the spotlight on your company.

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Elevating Your Visual Presence 

JAGmedia is a creative studio in Santa Monica, CA, offering website design, graphic design, social media and search engine optimization services. JAGmedia elevates your visuals from web to print.

JAGmedia’s multi-faceted President, Janet A Gervers is a Visual Designer and Artist who started her career in Graphic Design with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati. She eagerly jumped into the digital media world after a prolific move to San Francisco in in the mid-nineties where she jumped into website design and multimedia design and technology that opened  a new avenues for design.

After working at a variety of companies, including the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, which prompted her move to Los Angeles, it was time to fly solo and she founded JAGmedia in Venice Beach, CA in 2001 and is currently located in Santa Monica, CA. Offering visual design expertise for the web and digital graphics, in addition to 20+ years of experience and guidance, whether it’s for website design, graphic design and branding plus social media graphics.


Janet A Gervers is a Website and Digital Media Expert  with much talent to share combined with her knowledge that guides clients on the right path with the entire website process using the JAG 5 Formula. WordPress is the platform used to create websites for her clients, allowing for maximum flexibility and design styles, mobile responsiveness, competitive with search engine optimization (when done the right way) and allows editing. Training is always encouraged, since there is a learning curve and Janet offers customized, one on one online tutorials.

See the Testimonials for JAGmedia and contact Janet to start a discussion on how your needs can best be served, whether it’s creating your online presence (website, social media graphics and custom email newsletter), crafting content for your brand, logo design and print graphics. If you’re ready to unlock the key to your brand, get in touch today to discuss your goals.

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