Have you been frustrated with all the DIY website builders that claim to be easy, free, good for Search Engine Optimization, etc and fall way short of those claims?

Have you used using a Website Design sweatshop across the ocean that creates a generic website and doesn’t get your business needs or creates an ocean of problems?

Has a Website Designer that left you high and dry with an incomplete website or one that was a nightmare? (updated 01-26-21 new location in Santa Monica, formerly in Culver City)

Janet Gervers Jagmedia Digital Creative in Venice Ca

I’m Janet Gervers, Founder + Creative Director of Jagmedia, in Santa Monica, CA –  I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to get the WEBSITE OF YOUR DREAMS!

How Would it Feel to havethe Website of Your Dreams?

How about a website that: reflects your brand, is visually attractive, works on mobile devoices (aka responsive website), speaks to your target audience and is an affordable investment, whether you’re an individual coach or small business owner?

What if that website is scaleable over time and flexible, plus one that you can edit on a solid platform?

How about an experienced Website Designer that will give guidance and make recommendations for a more effective website and take care of your tech needs  (website hosting, domain names, ssl)?

If you’re saying, YES, YES, YES (!) how do I get this unicorn? Is it magic? The WEBSITE OF YOUR DREAMS is a step away with Jagmedia! At Jagmedia, we’re taking care of it all so it looks like Digital Magic to you.

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Digital Studio

Specializing in WordPress Website Design, Branding, Social Media & SEO.

Expert Guidance

Leading our Clients on the path to achieving their goals every step of the way.

Problem Solving

Design is a process and communication from start to finish is an essential.
Entrepreneurs & Coaches are You Planning for 24K Magic?

Entrepreneurs & Coaches are You Planning for 24K Magic?

There's  much to do in the New Year! It's crucial to plan your complete online presence. I'm here to help give guidance with online components of your business from website, email list, seo, social media  and branding image. Updated December 19, 2017. Branding- Don't...

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Free Monthly Workshops from JAGmedia

Free Monthly Workshops from JAGmedia

Free Monthly Workshops from JAGmedia
Workshop Topics: Website Design, Website Messaging, Social Media, Power of Visuals
Janet Gervers, Creative Director of JAGmedia is offering a free workshop series starting in June, 2022. The online workshops are educational and interactive. They will provide a way to learn about topics range from website design, social media, SEO, how to’s and more. It’s an opportunity to Learn & Network live in an online Zoom.

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