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Website Hosting is not as sexy or eye-opening as the Grammys were a few nights ago. But it sure gets juicy when you hear about the high-profile company’s website going down – then no one can see it. While the Grammys reside on a specialized stage and location, websites have to reside on a specialized computer server setup, which is where website hosting comes into play.

During the 25 years that I have created websites I have seen it all when it comes to web hosting! I’ve rescued clients when they forgot to renew their domain name, their website files got wiped out and from web hosting tech support where the support person was just plain out of it. I’m here to tell you there is an easier way and this is how I help people. 

I’ve been hosting websites for over 10 years and it’s really satisfying to know that I can help my clients by setting them up the right flavor of web hosting that works best for their website, purchasing domain names (website address ex. https://jagmedia.net/ ) consulting and more. The  website hosting I offer is set up for making a purchase 24/7, whether or not I design their website for a client.

JAGmedia clients prefer the option of consulting with me to find out what the optimal setup is for their unique business.

That way, I will advise and set up an account for my client with the most strategic solution that works for their business. without extra fluff!  When you’re a client of JAGmedia, you have your own account  with 24/7 access, plus 24/7 tech support based in the US.  It’s important to me that my clients needs taken care of when they need it.

Additionally, clients have confidence in knowing that I’m an Authorized Reseller for the largest hosting company in the world.

These are three ways I can help you:

1- Setup Your Free Account & Shop the JAGmedia website hosting product line. Place Your Order 24/7  https://shop.jagmedia.net

2- Schedule a 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation to discuss your website hosting needs: https://calendly.com/jagmedia

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