Vision Board Workshop
October 18, 2023, 4pm PST

Self-Care for Your Soul

You’re invited to Create Your Vision. Imagine the possibilities of discovering and uncovering new dreams, desires and goals when you create your Vision Board in a live 90 minute online workshop led by Janet Gervers.

Ready to Feel Like You’re on a Retreat?

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Vision Board Workshop

    • Gain Clarity
    • Gain Instant Focus
    • Gain Peace
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Vision Board VIP Experience

  • All Benfits of Workshop
  • Workshop Recording
  • Vision Focus Call with Janet

Vision Board SUPER VIP

  • All Benfits of Workshop VIP Experience
  • Self- Care for Your Soul: 4 Week Course
  •  Small Group Support for Your Vision

Say YES to You:  Self-Care for Your Soul

You know how your so busy juggling work, life, spouse or partner,  family and putting yourself last? If  it’s hard for you to find an hour for yourself, then this Visioning Experience is for you.  See the Raves from  participants in the Vision Board Workshop.

Janet leads the Vision Board Dream Board events because she loves seeing the results  for YOU –when you’re empowered, joyful  and ready to move forward in your next chapter – where Transformation is Possible in only 90 minutes when you join the workshop.

The process starts when you  when you Reserve Your Spot. Get your creative juices flowing with access to image downloads right away (and the Zoom info). Get in the flow, get motivated, feeling empowered and start Your Vision today.

 Rave Reviews from Vision Board Workshop Attendees


Run, don’t walk to join this Workshop!

I’m Caterina Rando, owner of Thriving Women in Business Community and Center I am blissing after attending Janet Gervers’ Vision Board Workshop.  It’s a wonderful opportunity set aside some time to be thinking about what you want to create in your life and it does a great job of holding space for us to get clear, get focused, and start dreaming. I have a new vision board that I’m looking at every single day that is inspiring me and encouraging me and reminding me of what I want to be in my life and I look forward to Janet’s upcoming group program and attending the Vision Board Workshop again.

Run, don’t walk to join this Workshop!

Caterina Rando,
Thriving Women in Business Community and Center

Tracie Root-Coach-Testimonial

Perfect opportunity to create that beautiful visual representation of what I have imagined for myself

As a coach for women in business, I believe deeply in the need to be clear on the dream we have inside us in order to set goals and create the success we desire in business. Janet’s vision board workshop was the perfect opportunity to create that beautiful visual representation of what I have imagined for myself and my business. I especially loved the digital board as I hadn’t done that before and now I have it right here on my computer, so I can revisit those dreams each day! Thank you Janet for creating the space needed to move into possibility thinking!

Tracie Root
Founder, The Gather Community

Gretchen Weinzimer-Testimonial

I look at it everyday, and am inspired

I always find my vision board to be a powerful tool in creating my path.  Janet invited me to her workshop and I was so glad.  Without the nudge, my two-year old vision board would have stayed up another year – just so busy!  Deciding to attend the hour and a half workshop created the time and space to make a wonderful new vision for the next chapter – I wouldn’t have made the time otherwise. 

I look at it everyday, and am inspired, thanks to Janet. Thanks,

Gretchen Weinzimer
Melaleuca, Inc.

How to Flourish in Life + Business with Your Vision Board
Janet Gervers Featured in Faster Class, the 2 Minute Master Class

Janet Gervers, Founder of JAGmedia, talks about the ways that a Dream Board / Vision Board can empower you and have positive reults in your life and business. Video Courtesy of Faster Class.

How to to Create Your Vision Board
Vision Boards, also known as Dream Boards are created using 3 options:

1- Hands On: 
Collage images  cut out from magazines, photos, or printed out and pasted on a poster board.

2- Digital:
Use your favorite app. If you want to create a digital vision board it’s recommended to use an app you know well, so that you can place your focus on your dreams and vision.

3- Hybrid:
Cut out images from paper sources and/or combine with images you download and print out, then paste on a piece of thick paper, board, etc.

  •  Your Vision Board Kit includes Image downloads when you register for the workshop

  • After you register, you will also receive the Zoom code, workshop details and Tips for optimal experience during the virtual workshop

Vision Board Workshop: 3 Ways You Can Participate 

Product-Vision Board Workshop JAGmedia

Vision Board Workshop

Imagine the Possibilities for Your Next Chapter in Life + Business

Self-Care for Your Soul starts when YOU choose to make that time for yourself in a sacred space where you can DREAM it all up using the Power of Visuals for creating your next chapter. Uncover and discover new possibilities. Feel the exhilaration!

It starts when you commit to joining  the workshop.  You’d be amazed how 90 minutes in a live Zoom flies by, resulting in a  transformation where you have created your roadmap for your future.

You’ll feel at peace and excited about discovering and uncovering what the next chapter of your life looks like.  See the Raves from recent participants.

Product-Vision Board VIPJAGmedia

Vision Board VIP Experience

ReImagine Your Next Chapter & Continue Empowering Yourself

Relive the exhilaration of Self-Care for Your Soul when you join the VIP Experience.  In addition to participating in the live online workshop, really a playshop because it is fun and joyful plus filled with discoveries, you will receive a recorded version of the workshop.

The recorded experience  from the event will  include the workshop modules, that way you can revisit your dreams and vision on a regular basis.  Extend your Vision or create a new one, or even one that is specific to one of the 5 Pillars covered in the workshop. Plus, you will receive a 30 minute Vision Focus Call with Janet, to be scheduled before or after the workshop.


Vision Board SUPER VIP

The Ultimate Bundle for Self-Care for Your Soul,
Your Dreams & Vision

Bask in the exhilaration of Self-Care for Your Soul when you join the  Super VIP Experience that supports your dreams & vision in a live group.

Self-Care for Your Soul is a 4 Week course, that empowers and motivates you in a positive, supportive and nurturing environment.

The Super VIP Experience includes everything in the VIP Experience:
Workshop, Recording, One on One Vision Focus Call.

PLUS: 4 Week  Group Course,
Extra Vision Focus Call designed for an extra level of support.