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Vision Board Workshop Details

I’m excited for you, now that you’re registered you can start dreaming NOW!

Zoom Info:
Bookmark this page or copy  n’ paste the Zoom info below into your calendar so you’re ready for the workshop!  See you there!

Meeting ID: 544 329 7239
Passcode: Jag2020

How to Get the MOST from our LIVE Event:

You can start the process now by gathering some magazines and catalogues together that you have on hand. You can also pick up free ones at various stores on racks in front of or inside the stores.  Even postcards you get in the mail- I like travel ones.

You can also go online and print out images you like. Try a Google search for a specific topic, then click Images.

I keep a folder with images I might want to use throughout the year. This year I created two vision boards because I had more to add around the middle of the year. The visual process of establishing your goals is empowering and fun – I hope you find it to be this way too!

Additional Materials to Make it More Fun

I hope you will all  feel this is valuable for you and also – FUN! You can amp up your Board with materials like: Glitter Glue, Markers, Colored Pens & Pencils, Paint and Crayons. You might consider a brightly colored poster board or thick paper for your background. While you can use a simple 8.5 x 11 piece of paper from your printer, poster board is more sturdy. You can also buy a  paper pad with different colors. I have one from Michael’s, that has 8 different colors on a 12×12 inch sheet. Go crazy with it and be creative! I look forward to seeing you in our workshop!

Vision Board Supplies:
Michael’s,  Ross, 99 Cent Stores

Vision Board Workshop Essentials

  • Workshops are 1.5 hours
  • Live on Zoom
    (computer or mobile phone with video and audio)
  • Basic materials: paper, magazines, tape or glue, scissors
    (more details given on materials after registration)
  • Call Janet if you have questions: 310-823-7486

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