“Five Keys to Your Website Success” on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 Presented by Janet Gervers, JAGmedia

“Five Keys to Your Website Success” on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 Presented by Janet Gervers, JAGmedia

Janet Gervers, Founder of JAGmedia in Santa Monica, CA presents the “Five Keys to Your Website Success” on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 at 12 noon. The presentation is for the South Bay Chapter of WIN Networking, a Los Angeles networking group. The meeting is a live event online and all are invited to attend.

Learn from Janet Gervers, Website Designer & Digital Media Specialist for over 25 years while she shares from her wealth of experience designing for companies both large and small and unlocks the keys to your 24/7 online presence.

  •  Making your Website Magnetic

  •  Increasing your Website Visibility

  •  ​Valuable Search Engine Optimization Tips

Janet has been designing websites for the greater part of her career which started in graphic design with a degree from the University of Cincinnati. After moving to San Francisco in 1994 she jumped into designing websites and digital media shortly thereafter and has never looked back. 

While residing in San Francisco for three short years, Janet worked for a tech/creative startup company, plus UPN TV station, and was also a freelance designer. She designed projects for Starbucks, in fact their first e-commerce website, graphics for Bank of America, KCET TV San Francisco and many more companies both large and small. 

Her next was move to Pasadena following an offer from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to work as a Multimedia Designer. Eventually, it led to her move to Los Angeles, where she resided in Venice and started her design studio, JAGmedia offering website design, digital graphics and branding services.

Learning more and educating others has always been important to Janet.

In the presentation, the “Five Keys to Your Website Success”,  Janet will educate those in attendance by distilling a vast amount of knowledge into five simple keys that need to be implemented in any website. 

Learn about the foundational structure that’s essential for every website.

JAGmedia is currently  located in Santa Monica and continues to offer Design Services in addition to workshops and trainings. Learn more here. 


What’s the #1 Website Question I Get Asked the Most?

What’s the #1 Website Question I Get Asked the Most?

How long does it take to create a website?

The answer is this: it really depends on you and your situation and – us working together. Each person and each client of mine is unique and their needs are unique as well as the overall process.

When I create websites, they are custom designed. It’s not a cookie cutter approach to creating your website. I take a fluid and organic approach that addresses each person’s individual needs and timing. Sometimes it can be quick although that’s more of a unicorn client and website.

It can also take a super long time, which is another unicorn, especially when people have things happen in life. Whether it’s a health issue, family member, perhaps there’s unexpected out-of-town trips, you’re just in a super busy or even disorganized.

With that being said, putting your website on the back burner of priorities can sabotage your business. Establishing the development of your website as a priority really is a journey – and yes, you’re the one on it it! All emergencies aside, introducing it as part of your regular schedule will help to move it all forward. And it is a process it’s it’s a two-way street I don’t work in a vacuum because it doesn’t serve my clients in the best possible way.  I can’t make someone give me text that wants to write it  own their own or send me photos they want to use; you get the picture, right?

Much of it is a process of discovery about yourself and your business, especially if it’s a first-time website; however, even with a second or third generation website, discovery is involved, as to how one has evolved in their business, what’s changed and other factors.

If you are thinking about a new website for your business or you’re nextgen website, it’s worth scheduling a call and discussing the feasibility of it by establishing your goals and timing, plus to see if it’s a fit for both of us. I’m inviting you to schedule a thirty minute call with me. You can take advantage of it by filling out my form below and clicking the button.

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