All in One Website Design Package

All in One Website Design Package from JAGmedia
Are you too busy or don’t have the know-how to create your own website?

I create a professional-looking site for you, that works on mobile devices, is easy  for you to edit, and you can sell merchandise or services too!

Why waste time spinning your wheels, taking months to create something that might look half-baked, when a professional website designer will create it for you?

5 Page Website Design by JAGmedia*

Mobile: Works well on phones, tablets & desktop

 Easy to Edit, no coding required!

 Stock photos available for many professions

I will add up to 10 items for your shopping cart* (cart works with Paypal or Stripe)

Ability to add more pages: up to 50 pages Total with 15 shopping cart items!

Best of All, you get Janet’s Expert  Design & Consulting: Priceless!

INVESTMENT: $750.00 One Payment

Additional FEES: REQUIRED for this Package to work:
Website Builder Monthly Fee  $5.99
(includes: Builder, SSL, Backup) 

Domain Name Annual Fee $10-20.00

  • 10% off $100.00 purchase of web hosting products ONLY: Promo Code: Jag10

Payment made in advance via Credit Card or Paypal.  After the Paypal screen opens,
SCROLL DOWN TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD. Paypal not required for purchase.
* Please supply your text, images, and logo – otherwise, additional fee applies.